A video to end the silence.

In the book trailer for the novel Baby Dust, eight women talk about their losses and how they are ready to speak freely to friends and family about their babies.

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Baby Dust: 
A Novel about Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

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"Absolutely stunning, compelling...the truth of what women go through."

Robyn Bear
founder of
Pregnancy Loss
Remembrance Day

"Baby Dust sheds a light on the all-too taboo subject of miscarriage in a raw, compelling, and incredibly realistic way."

Kristin Cook
founder of
Faces of Loss,
Faces of Hope

If you read Baby Dust and fell in love with Stella, the leader of the miscarriage group, she now has her own book of how she and her husband met. No sadness here, just a roller coaster romance between two out-of-the-box characters.

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Need a place to store your sonograms and memories?

In the Company of Angels: 
A Memorial Book
is a baby record book just for babies lost to miscarriage or stillbirth. 

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Undocumented, but suspected, causes of miscarriage

Sometimes someone you trust, even your doctor, will suggest these might have caused your loss, but they aren't sure. I think sometimes even medical professionals will speculate when they can't narrow down a sure cause just to give you something to go on. I've investigated these things, and found no properly documented research studies on these. That does not mean it did not cause your loss, but it is not very likely. Most unexplained miscarriages are genetic.

(For those things that definitely don't cause miscarriage, no matter what ANYBODY says, see the Myth page.)

Group Strep B--35% of all women have this at some point, and if you are pregnant when you test positive, Strep B is usually left untreated until close to delivery time. This will maximize the affect of the antibiotic to protect the baby during delivery. Strep B can infect a baby as it passes down the vaginal canal and cause serious problems, but if there were any connection between Strep B and miscarriage, doctors would not leave it untreated in pregnant women until the last few weeks. 

Fibroids--the only way a fibroid could cause a miscarriage is if the egg tried to implant on it. That loss would be so early you probably would not have even been late for your period. Fibroids can, however, if they are very large, complicate a pregnancy by making it difficult for the baby to get head down. A c-section may be necessary.

Scar Tissue--This can cause difficulties getting pregnant, as the egg may have a hard time navigating the bands of tissue to find an implantation spot, but this would not even get to the point that hCG would be produced, and you would not know you had fertilized an egg.

Endometriosis--This condition itself should not cause miscarriage, although some doctors speculate that it can throw off the hormones enough to cause an early loss. Most of us who have terrible painful periods have some endometriosis. It is more likely to be an infertility problem than a miscarriage one. Pregnancy actually improves endometriosis.

Tuna Fish or Mercury--You can read more on this under news, but mercury levels would have to be extraordinarily high to cause miscarriage, and no amount of tuna would cause this. If you work directly with mercury in your job, you should be checked regularly. The greater risk is for birth defects in live babies.

Controlled diabetes--If you are on insulin or are regulating your blood sugar, as long as your levels are normal, you should not increase your miscarriage risk. This can complicate a pregnancy, but not end one.

Controlled thyroid--If you have a diagnosed thyroid disorder and are taking medication, you should be monitored periodically to make sure your dose should not be changed. Only if you get dramatically off could this affect your pregnancy.

History of STDs--Sexually Transmitted Diseases in your past could cause scar tissue and lower your fertility, but would not cause miscarriage.

Prescription Drugs--There are only a handful of drugs that can cause the baby to die--most notably some epilepsy drugs and methotrexate, which is used to end ectopic pregnancies or to perform early abortions. While many drugs are not supposed to be taken during pregnancy, they do not cause miscarriage, but increase the risk for birth defects.

Herbal remedies--This is such a large group, I hate to be general, but you should avoid all herbal drugs since their potency is not regulated. The following herbs can interrupt pregnancy (still rarely, but it can happen) if taken within two weeks of ovulation: dong quai, blue cohash, cotton root bark, pennyroyal, or tansy.