A video to end the silence.

In the book trailer for the novel Baby Dust, eight women talk about their losses and how they are ready to speak freely to friends and family about their babies.

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Baby Dust: 
A Novel about Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

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"Absolutely stunning, compelling...the truth of what women go through."

Robyn Bear
founder of
Pregnancy Loss
Remembrance Day

"Baby Dust sheds a light on the all-too taboo subject of miscarriage in a raw, compelling, and incredibly realistic way."

Kristin Cook
founder of
Faces of Loss,
Faces of Hope

If you read Baby Dust and fell in love with Stella, the leader of the miscarriage group, she now has her own book of how she and her husband met. No sadness here, just a roller coaster romance between two out-of-the-box characters.

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Deanna also has a new FREE ebook on getting pregnant again, based on her tried-and-true, easy-to-follow 
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Need a place to store your sonograms and memories?

In the Company of Angels: 
A Memorial Book
is a baby record book just for babies lost to miscarriage or stillbirth. 

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The First Few Days after a Miscarriage

To go back a bit, you can review what to expect from the actual D&C or natural miscarriage by following this link:

Descriptions of Miscarriage

At this point, you will have either gotten through the surgery or the worst of the tissue passage and bleeding from a natural miscarriage.

It is best, if you can, to take off work, or enlist help with children. The more active you are in the 72 hours following the miscarriage, the heavier you will bleed. Your recovery will take longer if you cannot spend most of your time sitting or lying down. (We'll allow you to sit here and read this, but if you feel any gushes of blood while you are here, print it out and take it to bed.) 

Here are symptoms that are normal:


Additional passage of tissue a few days after things seem to have settled down, along with strong cramps and renewed bleeding

Start and stop bleeding patterns


Residual cramps, sometimes quite painful

Minor abdominal pain or muscle soreness

Sudden stoppage of bleeding (which may return)

Sun sensitivity or nausea if you were given antibiotics

Continuation of pregnancy symptoms for a week or so, including breast tenderness, nausea, and frequent urination

Grogginess, inability to get out of bed (usually due to sadness or post partum depression)

Increased tenderness in breasts, even leakage of colostrum, or pre-milk

If you were in the 2nd trimester or later, you may experience engorgement, which is swollen breasts filled with milk. Ease this with hot showers or bags of frozen peas. Do not pump milk out.

These symptoms warrant a call to the doctor:


Bleeding so heavy that you constantly change pads or feel faint

Labor like contractions that do not go away with rest

Fever above 100 degrees, especially if you also have flu-like symptoms of weakness or clamminess

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