A video to end the silence.

In the book trailer for the novel Baby Dust, eight women talk about their losses and how they are ready to speak freely to friends and family about their babies.

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Baby Dust: 
A Novel about Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

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"Absolutely stunning, compelling...the truth of what women go through."

Robyn Bear
founder of
Pregnancy Loss
Remembrance Day

"Baby Dust sheds a light on the all-too taboo subject of miscarriage in a raw, compelling, and incredibly realistic way."

Kristin Cook
founder of
Faces of Loss,
Faces of Hope

If you read Baby Dust and fell in love with Stella, the leader of the miscarriage group, she now has her own book of how she and her husband met. No sadness here, just a roller coaster romance between two out-of-the-box characters.

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Deanna also has a new FREE ebook on getting pregnant again, based on her tried-and-true, easy-to-follow 
Sperm Meets Egg Plan


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Need a place to store your sonograms and memories?

In the Company of Angels: 
A Memorial Book
is a baby record book just for babies lost to miscarriage or stillbirth. 

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Treatment for Ectopic Pregnancy

Methotrexate. This drug, which is often used in cancer therapy or for certain skin problems, will make the pregnancy stop growing and the body will expel it naturally. If the ectopic is caught early, this is a much safer option than surgery, since no incisions have to be made to the delicate fallopian tubes. You will receive the methotrexate by a single injection. You cannot get pregnant for three months following this injection, however, and must use contraception. High levels of folic acid can keep methotrexate from working properly. Make sure your doctor is aware of your prenatal vitamin and any additional vitamins you may be taking.44 

Surgery. Often this is done in emergency circumstances when a pregnancy that seems to have been progressing suddenly causes terrible pain as it grows too large for the tube. Most of the time the fallopian tube can be saved, although scar tissue may develop. Even if the tube is removed, your fertility should still be preserved with your second tube. The rate of repeat ectopic if your tube is preserved in 12%. If your tube was taken, the repeat rate is 9%.45